The European Male Ageing Study


5th Framework

EMAS participants

Please note that participation in EMAS (main study) is by invitation only, and recruitment has now ended. Unfortunately, we are unable to accept men who volunteer spontaneously for this study. Our study design is to invite all men aged 40 to 79 years in one area in Greater Manchester to join the study. This type of approach is designed to recruit a random sample from the population which is crucial to the success of our project.

The follow-up

The 5 year follow-up is currently in progress ( as of 15th September 2008). If you were a participant in 2003/4 then you will receive an invitation to return shortly. If you have moved address please let us know as we may be trying to contact you right now.

The core of what you will be asked to do remains the same with some small but interesting additions.

If you would like to follow some of the results of the study, then please visit our publications page.

Moved house ?
We would like to keep in contact with you even after your follow-up visit. Please let us know if you have changed address since your baseline EMAS visit, or if you intend to move in the near future. You can email your change of address here or write to us at :

European Male Ageing Study
Andrology Research Unit
Old St Marys - Ground Floor
Biomedicine Research Group,
Developmental Biomedicine,
The University of Manchester,
Manchester Academic Health Science Centre,
Hathersage Road, Manchester, M13 9WL
United Kingdom
Phone: +44 161 901 1825
Fax: +44 161 276 6363


Data protection policy
The EMAS administrative centre is based at the University of Manchester. The university has policies to ensure the UK Data Protection Act laws are strictly adhered to for all its research. If you have any concerns about the storage and analysis of your data please contact the Data Manager

The university promotes good practice for handling data for the purposes of research, and you can read guidelines here:

Promoting Good Practice in Research Promoting Good Practice in Research
Information Governance in
Health and Social Care Research