The European Male Ageing Study


5th Framework
Upcoming and past events of significance for EMAS
Date Event details
May 2012 EMAS now has a section on the Unviersity of Manchester Website
September 2011 Presentation on findings was provided to study participants in Manchester, UK
February 2011 13th PI meeting in Manchester, UK
October 2010 Prof Frederick Wu: Newspaper lists its top doctors
March 2010 Final End of study report submitted to EU funders in Brussels
June 2009 Final study meeting, Florence, Italy
May 2009 EMAS research featured in the media
March 2009 12th PI meeting, Barcelona, Spain
November 2008 11th PI meeting, Rome, Italy.
October 2008 10th PI meeting, Bonn, Germany
September 2008 Quality control workshop, Lodz, Poland
August 2008 9th PI meeting, Copenhagen, Denmark
August 2008 Site visit, Malmo, Sweden by PI & Study Co-ordinator
July 2008 8th PI meeting, London, U.K.
April 2008 7th PI meeting, Rome
April 2008 Quality control workshop, Szeged, Hungary.
January 2008 6th PI meeting, Amsterdam, Netherlands
September 2007 Quality control/Assessment Workshop, Leuven , Belgium.
June 2007 Retraining workshop for staff conducting study assessments,
June 2007 5th PI meeting, Tallinn, Estonia
May 2007 The Endocrine Society's 89th Annual Meeting
January 2006 4th PI meeting, Brussels, Belgium
January 2006 Postal questionnaire was sent to study participants
May 2005 3rd PI meeting, Manchester, UK
February 2005 Completion of baseline data collection in all centres
July 2004 Quality Control meeting, Lodz, Poland
April 2004 One thousand volunteers participating in EMAS
November 2003 Visit to every centre by the Study Co-ordinator
November 2003 European Male Ageing Study (EMAS) Sheds Light on the Health of Manchesterís Male Population
September 2003 Start of main study phase 1 data collection in all centres
July 2003 Mid-term review, Brussels, Belgium
June 2003 Food data collection workshop, Szeged, Hungary.
February 2003 2nd PI meeting, Santiago de Compostela, Spain
February 2002 1st Principle Investigators (PI) Meeting, Manchester