The European Male Ageing Study

The EMAS team

5th Framework
EMAS team in Manchester

The EMAS collaborative research team is headed by primary investigators, professors Fred Wu (UK), Gianni Forti (Italy), Gyorgy Bartfai (Hungary), Felipe Casaneuva (Spain), Krzysztof Kula (Poland), Dirk Vanderschueren (Belgium), Margus Punab (Estonia) and Aleksander Giwercman (Sweden). Researchers and clinicians at each centre are trained in administering the EMAS tests, and gathering all the necessary data and samples. Further staff provide administrative, analytical and statistical services to the team.

Additional Expertise

In addition to the investigators at each of the EMAS centres, experts are regularly called upon for training and advice in the many varied aspects of administering the EMAS tests. Experts have given input into fields including :

  • Physiotherapists for training in administering gait and balance tests
  • Anthropometry - training in the correct measurement of body dimensions
  • Cognition - correctly administering cognitive assessment tests
  • Optometry - training in administering eye chart and blind spot tests

Project Coordination

Project management and administrative support is provided by staff at the Manchester centre. This is the accounting and budgeting centre as well as the coordinating hub and data centre. Staff at the Manchester centre coordinate the whole life span of questionnaires from conception, translation, printing, posting to centres and data-entry. The study database is held in Manchester.