The European Male Ageing Study

Project history

5th Framework

March 2011

Researchers are in the process of analysing the information obtained from the follow-up phase and results from this section of the research are expected in the coming months


2002 Project design & piloting

Over a 3 month period, 194 men were recruited to a pilot study which tested all aspects of the study including:

• Recruitment strategy
• Study instruments
• Techniques
• Data transfer
• Data storage
• Sample transportation

Following the analysis of the pilot data and a review of the techniques, a number of changes were made to the study protocol which included: major alteration to sexual function questionnaire; reduction in the number of tests conducted and in the case of one centre, selection of a new sampling frame.

2003 - 2005 Baseline Recruitment

This chart shows the cumulative recruitment progress for all centres beginning in late 2003 and continuing on until early 2005. 3369 men were recruited into the study, with 594 completing just a postal questionnaire and 361 answering some basic questions over the telephone.

2007 - 2008 Follow-up

The follow-up phase of EMAS is now under way (September 2008) with several of the european centres beginning to recall the subjects seen in 2003 / 2004. Click here to see the latest news about the study.